100+ Free Courses to improve English available on Udemy

100+ Free Courses to improve English available on Udemy

Do you want to improve your English skills? If yes then you are in the right place. In this post, I am going to list out 100+ free courses on English speaking, writing, and listening to Udemy.

Why Improving English is important?

English is a Global Language.

More 375+Million people speak English in 50+ countries so it a way to communicate with global citizens.

Your English skills can land you on the job.

We all know that how much importance does interviewer gives to English. So to land on a job you need to improve your English skills.

Many of the research paper is written in English.

Do you want to improve your knowledge by reading research papers and scientific journals? If yes then you must need to know English as most of the research papers and scientific journals are available in English.

English is the language of the internet.

Did you know most of the content available on the internet is in English? Almost 70% of the content available in the internet is in the English language


Now the question is in your mind is how to improve English?

I am glad you asked! 

There are many ways to improve English I am listing them out below.

Join Courses to improve your English.

Join course is the fastest and most convenient way to learn English and thus I am writing this post. I had listed 100+ courses to join to improve your English.

Apart from joining the courses, you can do 4 major things to improve your English.

1 Listening.

Listening doesn’t mean just to listen to anything. In this step, you need to listen carefully to each and every word said. It will help you to increase your vocabulary by listening to new words.

You can listen to songs, watch movies, listen to a podcast, or listen to anything in English. The only thing you need to do is to listen carefully to each and every word.

2. Reading 

This is not only the best way to improve English but also to gain knowledge of your interest. You can read anything that might be a book, comic, research paper, blogs, articles, etc.

I recommend you to read things about your interested field. This will help you to concentrate properly.

3. Writing

This is the best way to improve. Just pick up the pen and book and start writing whatever comes in your mind. This will help you improve your thinking ability in English as well as it will improve your writing skills.


This might be the most difficult way to implement but it is the most effective way to improve your English. Now the question in your mind hey I don’t have anyone who can I talk within English.

Ohh that’s not a problem there are lots of ways to do that.

1 Join voice Chat

2 Talk and record yourself

3. Talk to your friend on voice

4 Use an app to talk with native English people 

Now that you know how to improve your English now lets directly jump on that for what you are here.


100+ Free Courses to improve English available on Udemy

I had given a link below the post to directly browse the courses but before that, I want to list out some best courses to improve your English speaking skills.

Course Name Rating  Link
English Launch: Learn English for Free – Upgrade all areas 4.5/5 Get Course
How to Self-Study English Online 4.0/5 Get Course
English Made Simple: Verbs & Prepositions 4.3/5 Get Course
14-day English language fluency course 4.4/5 Get Course
American Life: Practical English Skills 4.3/5 Get Course
100+ Free Courses to improve English N/A Get Courses

I hope you find this post helpful, if yes then please share this with your loved once and help them to improve their English.

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